About Steel City Tool Works


Steel City's Journey Has Just Begun

Steel City Tool Works was established in 2005. After a brief stay in Murfreesboro, TN, we relocated to Chicago, IL where the company now enjoys its permanent home. Steel City Tool Works also has satellite offices in Taichung, Taiwan and Qingdao, China. The Canadian market is supported through two strategic partners located in Quebec and British Columbia.

Through a decade of growth and change, little now remains of the original Steel City organization. Our team, our facility and our focus have all evolved.

In early 2014, Steel City Tool saw its largest restructuring yet. A small team of industry professionals, several being SCTW veterans, founded the Axiom Tool Group. The Axiom team took the helm of Steel City Tool Works and, along side their newly-launched Axiom Precision brand, carefully pointed Steel City Tool Works in an exciting new direction. Once focused on being the low-price leader, this young, growing company has now set their sights on becoming the innovation leader through quality machinery, steeped in technology, and sold at competitive prices.

Despite our renewed focus, our early motto, 'By Woodworkers, For Woodworkers', still rings true. We remain a team of woodworking professionals aspiring to bring the best value in woodworking to your shop, and ours.

This new chapter in Steel City Tool Works' evolution promises to be exciting and dynamic. We hope you'll join us for the journey.